The security of your data is extremely important. Your clients expect a high level of safety for their sensitive information. Browser based software only requires a hacker guess your password, they already know you username, if it your email address.

Weekly news reports about websites being hacked should be enough to give anyone pause about putting their data on a shared server, let alone moving your client's data onto a shared server. Each of these companies would have claimed their sites were secure, prior to being proven wrong.

ProTempus is software that operates on premise your local network or on YOUR PRIVATE VIRTUAL SERVER in the cloud not a shared public server. You have 100% control of your client's data. Your data belongs to you. Keep it safe on YOUR system. Our unique technology allows you and your staff access to the shared database without sharing it with the entire world. Our automatic, multi-generation, nightly backups allow you to save all your data to inexpensive USB drives. We are the only legal software that supports backups to a local drive. If the internet is down, you still have access to your data. If disaster strikes, we can have you back up and running quickly. Multiple generation offline backups are the only 100 percent defense against ransomware.

Do you know where your data is tonight?

No Shared Server

Bigger is not better

You're small for a reason. You are able to provide customized solutions and personal attention, which your clients can not find with a larger firm. You can focus on client service, instead of big firm politics. You practice law the right way - Your Way.
ProTempus concentrates on small law firms. Our clients are small and so are we. We also like it that way. We can give clients quick, personal service and individual unique solutions. Every law firm is different and runs their office differently. We believe software should be flexible enough to work the way you do. You should not have to change your office to match the way software works. We import your data from your current system, at no charge, then once we have trained you and your staff, you will use ProTempus with your data for 30 days, free. If ProTempus is not able to run Your Way, you will not owe us a penny. At the end of your 30 day trial with your data, if you love ProTempus you will begin paying our low monthly fee. We have no long term contracts, which is our motivation to keep you happy.
No Shared Server

Secure remote access

You don't just work in your office. Like every attorney, you go to the courthouse, client offices and work from home at times. Remote access is not limited to browser based systems!
ProTempus provides multiple ways to securely access client information and bill your time remotely, without putting your clients data on a browser based shared server. All are more secure than sharing a browser based system with thousands of other attorneys, which are HUGE targets for would be hackers.
We will help you choose the one that works best for your office. ProTempus and your firewall keeps your system hidden from hackers; they can't hack what they cannot see.
No Shared Server

Bill Every Phone Call

At times, you may feel you are practicing law pro bono over the phone. Because it is too much of a hassle to bill every 10-minute phone call.
Bill every phone call and meeting quickly and easily with ProTempus, whether you are in your office or at the courthouse making a call between cases, ProTempus will help you capture every minute.
No Shared Server

It is your data

Do not allow your current software vendor to use your data as Hostage. You have a long history with your clients, you want to be able to have access to that history.
With ProTempus, we will import your data from most software packages for FREE. Once we have imported your data into ProTempus, have installed ProTempus on your network, have trained you and your staff, your 30 day free trial begins. From day one, you will have access to all of your data. Not just balances, you will be able to view work history, billing and payment history, ALL of your history.

We have successfully imported data from Amicus and Amicus Premium, TimeSlips, TimeMatters, PC law, Firm Central and others.
Post payments
Easily post payments, accept partial payments or apply one payment against multiple invoices ProTempus also handles over-payments, credits and write-offs.
Aging report
Know exactly who is past due, by how much and for how long.
Past due statements
Running monthly invoices can include past-due statements on inactive accounts.
Payments from trust account
You can select an option to automatically pay monthly invoices from the client's trust account.
Shared calendars
Each timekeeper has their individual calendar, which can be viewed and updated by anyone on your network.
Easily bill scheduled items
Our unique integration of the billing system and your calendar allows you to easily convert scheduled events on your calendar to billable items to be included on the client’s next invoice, with two clicks. No more double entry into a separate billing system.
Green on your screen means green in your pocket.
As you mark your calendar items billable, they turn green. As you accumulate billable phone calls during the day, they are displayed on your daily calendar in green. Your calendar gives you instant feedback showing that an item has been billed. No more missed items that should have been billed.
Group calendar
Our group view calendar allows your staff to easily track the activity of up to six attorneys from one window.
Daily, weekly, monthly calendars
The daily, weekly and monthly views of your calendar allow you and your staff an easy way to locate and schedule a new appointment with a client. They also make it easy to look ahead to prevent overloading your calendar. For instance, you may want to block out a few days prior to next month’s big trial.
Clients are linked to calendar events
Linking calendar events to the client gives you more information about your day. One click will display the client’s phone number. The complete case history is one more click away. All of the client's documents are also just one click away. Preparing for meetings just got a lot easier!
Optional sync with Outlook or Google calendars
Linking calendar events to the client gives you more information about your day. Bill time from your phone by adding =1.5 to the end the description on your phone's calendar or enter "Decker,John/Phone call = .1" onto your phone's calendar to bill John for that six-minute phone call you made.
Our browser interface (VPN router required)
If your office has a VPN, you can use our browser interface to bill your time and manage your calendar in real time. No syncing required. You have all your contacts phone nubers and addresses, litterly at the tips of your fingers, using any device that has a browser and internet access. Again your client's data never leaves your office network.
Four billing types
Supports hourly, contingency, flat rate and unit billing.
Multiple cases / client
Each client can have multiple cases, each with a different billing rate and type.
Track case related expenses
Enter all expeneses under the client's case and know exactly the current cost of the case to date.
Consolidated billing
By default, ProTempus will generate one invoice per case. You can also consolidate all the client's cases onto one invoice.
Optional administrative fee
Some firms add an administration fee to each case.
Optional interest charges
Selected cases or clients can be assessed finance charges on past-due accounts.
Split billing
You can split the billing of a case over as many parties as needed. Have ten parties, each paying ten percent of the fees, no problem.
Link all parties in a case
Allows an unlimited number of parties to link to any case. Allows for the entry of the role of each party for each case. A party may be the attorney in one case and an expert witness in another. Both will point to the same contact record, you only need to change the address once if that contact moves.
All contacts
Everyone that calls or visits your office should be entered into ProTempus, not just clients. This allows for comprehensive conflict checks.
Multiple phone numbers
Cell, office, home and fax numbers are easy to capture and view.
Multiple addresses
Track home and bussiness addresses.
User defined contact types
Group your contacts by timekeeper, originator, relationship or any way that works for your office
Wild card search
Find any client by either name, phone number, address or any other information entered into ProTempus
One-click links
Once the contact or client is selected, you are only one click away from all documents, cases, invoices, expenses, payments or any other information about that contact or their cases.
Have it your way
ProTempus does not require you to import or upload your documents into ProTempus. You merely tell ProTempus which folder currently contains the documents for each of your current clients. Once you have linked the folder, one click from the client screen will take you to all of that client's documents. It is that simple.
Works with any word processor
Love MS word or are you a WordPerfect fan? ProTempus works with any Windows based word processing software.
Easily create forms
Convert any frequently used document into a ProTempus boilerplate form, which allows ProTempus to create that document for new clients, pulling their data from the database, with two clicks.
Automatically create folders
When you add a new client, ProTempus can automatically create a new folder on your network for that clients documents. Subfolders can be created to segregate documents for each case.
Go paperless
While paperless in a law office may be unachievable, our scanner interface reduces the times you need to handle a paper document, which allows you to easily place scanned incoming documents into the correct client's document folder on your network. Our scanner interface allows you to rename the document giving it to a descriptive name. ProTempus supports numerical filing, reducing time required to place incoming documents into the client's archives. The paper copy becomes no more than a physical backup. ProTempus supports "Less paper"!
User defined indexing
Create keyword indexes to quickly locate any document based on one or more keyword searches.
Link your physical filing system
Each case can be assigned a unique case file number, allowing you to link ProTempus to the physical file, which allows you to use numerical filing for your physical file.
Make emails part of the case
Emails are now an important part of any case. One click allows you to add case related emails to the client's document folder. Requires MS Outlook 2007 or better.
PDFs of invoices
When creating invoices, a PDF copy is automatically added to the client's document folder
Outlook 2007 or better required
Do you have your own domain email or use Gmail, Yahoo or another email service? Outlook supports all common email services. Once you add your email service to Outlook, managing emails becomes a breeze.
One click adds an email to the client's case file
How often do you read an email and think, I need to keep this? Just select the client, click on the email archive button and you just added it to the client's document folder. Accessible by anyone in the office that is also working on that case.
Need to email your client a document?
Select the document in ProTempus, click on the email button and ProTempus adds the document as an attachment to an email. Just complete the subject line and click send.
Email one or all your invoices
When creating monthly invoices, ProTempus tracks which clients have requested their invoices be emailed. Once the invoices have been created, a follow-up process emails those invoices.
Create unlimited case specific intake forms
Intake forms start with a simple text file with case-related questions--no complicated syntax to learn. Once your simple list of questions has been added, ProTempus will convert that text file into a password protected PDF form. You can email your client the PDF form, which they complete at home using Chrome or any PDF reader. Once completed, they can securely email it back to you, since it is password protected with their pre-assigned password.
Importing intakes
ProTempus can import the client's completed PDF form into the case file. This data is available to the ProTempus document assembly process to automatically create standard boilerplate documents for that case.
QuickBooks is not required
ProTempus contains a complete accounts receivables (AR), Accounts Payable (AP), General Ledger (GL) and Trust accounting sub-systems. Or if you choose you can use our optional Quickbooks interface.
Using our embedded General Ledger
Our embedded Accounts Payable and General Ledger system, make it easy to pay and track office expenses, our check printer uses standard Quickbook voucher format check forms. At the end of the year create your P&L and Balance sheet for your accountant in easy to use Excel spreadsheets. Easily reconcile your bank accounts using your banks CSV exports. We kept it simple and very fast.
QuickBooks Desktop Pro
If you wish to use our QuickBooks interface, it does require QuickBooks destop Pro 2017 or better. We do not support the online version of Quickbooks. Again, we prefer keeping your client's data on YOUR network.
We put the quick back into QuickBooks
We also kept or interface simple. Only payments and deposits are synced into QuickBooks. When a client sends you a payment, the sync will post that payment as a deposit into your operations account in QuickBooks. If they send you a deposit for future work, ProTempus will automatically create a subaccount in your QB trust account. When you invoice that client and select to pay the invoice from the client's trust account, the sync software will withdraw that amount from the client's trust account and deposit it into your Quickbooks operations account.
Self auditing
When you run the ProTempus Trust accounts report, you have the option of running a QuickBooks - ProTempus self audit. ProTempus will retrieve the balance of each client’s sub account in the QB trust account and compare it to their ProTempus balance, flagging any problem accounts. Catching problems quickly is the secret to properly managing your trust accounts.
Increase your billable time by 25 percent
Our clients tell us their billable hours increase by 25 percent or more, once the have switched to ProTempus. Why? Because we make it so easy to bill every minute. Plus, our green on the screen gives you instant feedback that you have remembered to check the billable checkbox, making it nearly impossible to forget to bill a phone call. No more pro bono over the phone.
Accurately track your time
Our stopwatch accurately tracks the time you work on each case, no more guesstimates that cheat you or your client.
One click bills your scheduled meetings
Convert your scheduled meetings on your calendar to a billable event with one click of the mouse. No need to reenter the information into a seperate billing system. Just pull end event up from your calendar, check the billable check box and click save. You have added more green to your daily calendar and to your pocket.
Bill Time using your phone's calendar
If you use our Google calendar or Outlook sync, you will have your calendar at your finger tips at all times. Our calender sync also allows you to easily bill time when you are out of the office. If you just finished a phone call with John Decker, just create a new event on your phones calendar: "Decker, John / Dicussed custody of the children = .5" Our calendar sync understands this syntax and will add a half hour charge to John's next invoice, with the description "Discussed custody of the children. Using your phones speech reconition, makes it quick, easy and secure to bill time when you are out of the office.
Our optional Http server requires a VPN to your office.
If you prefer using the browser on your phone or any other device with internet access we can install our optional HTTP server. This requires a VPN connect to your office, discuss this with your IT support person. Once connected via the VPN you can securely access client information, bill time or view your calendar on your remote deivce, real time. Since it uses your office VPN, you keep port 80 closed on your routers firewall. That is the port hackers search for, when scotting for sites to attach. It is the low hanging fruit to a hacker.
Never miss another deadline
Our unique trigger date, allows you to decide how much notice you need ahead of any given task, to insure it is completed before the deadline. Once the trigger date arrives ProTempus displays the task on todays aggenda. No more last minute surprises.
Focus on today not the future
We all have thousands of things on our todo lists. However, only a few needs to be completed today. ProTempus only shows you the tasks that have a trigger date of today or uncompleted tasks from prior dates. It does not overwelm you with all of your tasks.

Tasks remain on your daily agenda until marked completed.

One click, will bill and complete a task
Clicking billable will auto complete the task and include it on the client's invoice. No more trying to remember to enter a completed tasks into the billing system. One click and it is billed!
Accumulate your time
Turning the stop watch on and off as you work on a given task allows you to accurately accumulate the total time you work on a task, regardless of the number of interuptions.
No time today!
Quickly reschedule that task to tomorrow or next week, by just changing the trigger date. Getting it off today's aggend, reducing stress by shrinking that mountain into a mole hill.
Accurately manage your trust accounts
From the first deposit to the final settlement, you and your client will know exactly how much money is in their trust account.
Evergreen accounts
You can define a mininum level to be maintained in a clients trust account. Once the trust account reaches that limit, ProTempus will freeze automatic payments, requiring the client to pay the invoice balance each month until the trust account is replenished, above the minimum limit.
Automatic or selectively pay invoices
Some firms use the auto pay feature allowing ProTempus to automatically pay each new invoice from the client's trust account. Others like more control and selectively pay invoices from the client's trust account.
Optional Quickbooks interface
If you use the optional QuickBooks interface, ProTempus will automatically create subaccounts in your QB trust account for each client. This makes it very easy to balance and audit each client's trust account. Our internal audit feature of the ProTempus trust report will compare the balance of each QB subaccount to the client's balance in the ProTempus deposit account, throwing a flag if the accounts ever dissagree. Catching problems quickly is the secret to properly managing your trust accounts.

Your 30 day free trial starts after we import your data (at no charge) and train you and your staff

ProTempus was the first legal software vendor to introduce subscription-based software or software as a service (SAAS), in 2003, long before cloud systems were ever created for law offices. In the beginining, many attorneys rejected SAAS; if they could not "own" the software they were not interested also they thought our fees were expensive.

Today SAAS is the norm. We have not changed our fee since we started. Today, we are not the cheapest nor the most expensive. ProTempus is priced just right at a cost that is fair to our clients and insures our future. We provide you software at an affordable price that allows us to continue providing great service and continued R&D to make ProTempus even better. Our business model, which has no long term contracts, is a Win-Win for us and our clients. As long as we keep you happy, you will continue using ProTempus. We are a team.

Like you, we are small and privately owned. We can focus on great service and making great software without the worry of lining the pockets of a venture capitalist or shareholder, whose only real product is their profits.

Our low monthly fee includes unlimited support and training, free data import from your existing software and perpetual updates, and once again "No long term contracts."

First user
Each additional user

Call us today, at 502.228.0549 to schedule your free 30 day no risk trial.

We import your data from your existing software and train you and your staff, before your 30 day free trial begins.

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Free support is included in your monthly fee.

Call the number at the top of our page if you have any question or need any help using ProTempus.
Our normal support hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST., Monday thru Friday.
Call to schedule support outside those hours.

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We can answer your question more quickly if we can see your screen. To share your screen with our support staff, download and run one of the screen-sharing programs linked below. They will provide you with an ID and password that you will need to give our staff, enabling them to connect to your computer. Once you close the program we will no longer be able to connect to your computer.

Get Remote Help - Zoom

These YouTube videos cover a few of the ProTempus highligts.

3-minute Demo

8-minute Demo

- or call us to schedule an interacitve demo, where we can address the unique requirements of your office.

Free unlimited training is included in your monthly fee.

Call the number at the top of our page if you have any question or need any help using ProTempus.
Our normal support hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST., Monday through Friday.

Our initial training normally runs about one hour for staff and twenty minutes for attorneys. This will normally give your staff an 80 percent profency level. As with anything new; becoming an expert takes time. After our initial training we request you or your staff call when they run across a new challenge they do not know how to handle. We know law offices are busy places and we do not interrupt you with follow-up calls from our end.

Our 30-second-rule:

The best way to learn ProTempus is to follow our 30-second-rule, which is:
If you have to think about how to complete any task in ProTempus for longer than 30 seconds, please call us, because we can usually answer your question in sixty seconds. Our goal is to answer 90 percent of all calls on your first attempt. If you are connected to our voicemail, we will return your call within one hour.

We also have hundreds of pages of written help files that are context sensitive. Move your mouse over a window or button and press the F1 key at the top of your keyboard, ProTempus will display a help page discussing that window or button.

With our intuitive interface most users become experts in one to two weeks.

We look forward to serving you and your staff!

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